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Register of Regular Paupers and Payments 1818-1819

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Historical Period
Locations Chapel Walk, Wadsley, Holy Croft, Heely, Copper St, White Croft, Worral, North St, Cupalo St, Water Lane, High St, Solly St, Stannington, Blind Lane, Little Sheffd, Lambert Croft, Attercliffe, Carver St, Sheffield Park
Names Joshua Gould, Agatha Barnes, Rebecca Brown, Widow Woolhouse, William Barker, Widw Machin, Thomas Platts, Widow Lingard, Widow Turner*, Mary Turner, Widow Hyde, Joseph Rhodes, Widow Shaw, Ann Hill, John Guest, Ww Marshe, Widow Helliwell, Widow Morton, Widow Wolstenholme, Widow Woodward, Widow Barber, Henry Swinden, Widow Steel, Betty Gould, Widow Watson
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