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Vestry Minutes and Orders 1820 - 1852

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Historical Period
Locations Vestry, Loxley, Dungworth, Poorhouse, Bradfield, Dam Flask, Wisewood, Stannington, Hollings, Hall Park, Stannington Wood, High Matlock, Tofts, Brookside, Syke House, Westnall, Oughtibridge, Wharncliffe-side, Brightholmlee, Coit
Names Charles Greaves*, George Machon, James Siddons, Jno Earnshaw, Benj Kay, Edwd Machon, Geo Tippin, Enos Ratcliffe, Joseph Greaves, Mr Brownill, John Dyson, Isaac Ashton, Martin Stanley, John Fairest*, William Marshe, James Longden, Wm Shales
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