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Poor and Other Assessments

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Historical Period
Locations Storrs, Loxley
Names Jno Crookes, Josh Crookes, Geo Crawshaw, Geo Dyson, Widw Darwent, Geo Downing, Isaac Dickinson, Jno Earnshaw, Thos Eyre, Widw Earnshaw, Benj Elliott, Geo Elliott, Jno Elliott, Josh Fairest, Geo Fearn, Thos Greenwood, Wm Guesling, Jno Green, Widw Greaves, Richd Gillott, Jno Green, Goodison(&)Darwin, Mark Goodison, Jonn Greaves, Jno Goodison, Geo Hawke, Robt George Hawke, Geo Hounsfield, Jno Horsfield, Robt Hall, Josh Haigh, Simeon Haigh, John Hudson, Geo Hawksworth, Geo Hobson(Snr), Geo Hobson(Jnr), Jno Hobson, Jonan Hobson, Benjn Helliwell, Thos Harrison, Gill, Wm Hawksley
Our Reference 55j/2
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