History of the Bradfield Archives

These records were brought into Bradfield Parish Council Offices during the early 1970s after spending many years in a sealed cupboard in the old Vestry Office in High Bradfield which is one of the old cottages on Towngate which was built to house the Poor and Needy of the Parish.

Funding for digitisation was received from East Pennine Innovation Project and work commenced by Townsweb Ltd in October 2009 and the first phase was completed in early December when the images were put onto a website.

The records that are being digitised are a unique collection of documents relating to the Parish over the last 300/500 years and are all in their original form, as far as we are aware there are no other copies of these original documents so it is essential that they are preserved for future generations by having them digitised where they should eventually be of a more searchable basis.